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Leonhard Fortier, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Wulli Wulli Indigenous Disability Services

Wulli Wulli Indigenous Disability Services (IDS) is an Aboriginal owned registered company, based in Bundaberg, which provides high quality, culturally secure disability services to Indigenous communities in the Townsville region. We assist Indigenous clients to understand and prepare them for NDIS Services. The low participation rate of Indigenous people in disability support services contributes to the lack of culturally appropriate services.

In the longer term Wulli Wulli Indigenous Disability Services plans to partner with other NDIS service providers to help improve their understanding and awareness of Indigenous cultures and build professional skills to deliver quality services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients. Wulli Wulli IDS will enhance rapport between NDIS providers and Indigenous clients to develop culturally secure practices and improve client participation. This will be achieved by developing training materials and conducting organisational development initiatives for other service providers.


Our mission is to deliver a culturally secure service to meet the expectations of our clients, their families and carers and assist them to achieve their potential through enhanced confidence and wellbeing.


Wulli Wulli IDS is committed to growing and adapting its services to meet the needs of Indigenous communities, connecting clients, carers and communities with best practice NDIS services. Our core values are to provide services which are:

  • customer focussed;
  • culturally secure;
  • relationship-based;
  • family inclusive;
  • based on an understanding of language and literacy issues;
  • collaborative;
  • flexible; and
  • strength-based.

Our vision is that by 2025 we will be the best practice NDIS provider of choice to Indigenous clients in the Wide Bay region.

Our Approach to Service

  • Partnering collaboratively with NDIS services and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities.
  • Culturally connecting organisations with their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients.
  • Supporting NDIS service provider understanding of the relationship of culture and disability services.
  • Developing two-way cultural awareness.

Wulli Wulli Indigenous Disability Services respects your privacy and will only ever use your personal information to support the delivery of services to you. No personal information is stored on our website and we will never share your details with anyone without your permission.